Rising demand

Previous experiments explored the proliferon solutions set which consists of two subsets: 1. Solutions controlled by CA-1 (with the change state transformation)  and 2. Uncontrolled solutions, which will be applied in the present experiment.

Before the experiment started, the stem process (not displayed) planted zygotes and created  three isolated CA, f[state[i, j], set point = 25]. When the experiment starts the demand for resources is gradually raised (by the observer). The rising demand  decreases the set point from 25 to 8. In CA-2 each set point level is maintained for 15 days, and then reduced. In  CA-3 and CA-4 the duration of constant set point was respectively 5 days and one day.

Trajectory through the solutions space

At longer constant set point periods the solutions are more obvious. Nevertheless all the states through which CA-2 traverses belong to different solutions. CA-2 traces a trajectory through the solutions space. As demand rises CA-2 proceeds from solution (attractor) to solution. Some  solutions are separated by short transients, yet CA-2 always settles at a solution. Previously we noted that the basic solution set has a remarkable property. All its states are unique and  mutually exclusive. No two solutions with unequal structure share the same state . As a  corollary to this observation we may add that all states of CA-2  belong to the solutions set. In other words, for each set point, each CA-2 state will generate a solution.

This was tested in the last experiment.  Each CA-4 state served as initial state for a CA controlled by a different set point.  All the CA generated by the two “For loops” are solutions, three of which are depicted. The set differs from the basic solutions set mentioned above.


CA-2 illustrates an important medical phenomenon. The organism always maintains homeostasis, and when hit by a disease it proceeds from homeostasis to homeostasis. From the present perspective, homeostasis is a (multi-dimensional) solution (attractor), and the organism proceeds from solution to solution.

Take for instance hypertension. It is driven by an external trigger analogous with the above demand. The trigger continually intensifies, yet hypertension does not rise in a continuous fashion. Rather it proceeds in steps. Each is a solution. This is one of the key messages of this site. Disease and organism maintain an equilibrium.


From the very beginning of cancer, tumor and organism maintain an equilibrium. Unfortunately, medicine still ignores this important concept. (v. Their Cancer is different than mine .