Tolerance boosting

In the previous experiment following sentinel process injury the proliferon gradually settled at a solution.  During this course it lost most of its resources (tolerance). Might it be feasible to preserve more tolerance than in the previous experiment?  Consider the following options:
1. The stem process grows some isolated CA  (set point > 25) and lets them pour resources into the system. This would be hardly effective since the resources would be lost swiftly. Injury makes CA-2 smaller it keeps less resources and flushes out any excess.  The other CA follow suit.
2. Kill the injured CA-2 and plant a zygote instead. Which is of no help since the maturing CA-2 would still be injured.
3. Change the CA-2 structure which would make it resist injury, as described previously.

The present experiment illustrates a somewhat counter intuitive solution. CA-2 is barred from getting resources. The overall setting is the same as before. We start as before and the proliferon becomes atrophic.

Next, CA-4 delivers less resources to CA-2. It gets bigger and receives therefore less resources from CA-3 which also gets somewhat bigger. CA-2  continues to shrink.

In the extreme case CA-4 cuts off its delivery and becomes isolated.  Now CA-3 lacks any  opportunity to deliver its product to CA-4 and also becomes isolated. CA-2 is left alone to deal with its injury. However since CA-3 is isolated, CA-2 stops delivering to CA-3 and gets somewhat bigger. 

Ultimately the proliferon always settles at a solution.

For the medical interpretation of tollerance boosting v. WOB boosting.