Directed Loop

The following scheme depicts the CA configuration in the last experiments. Proliferon behavior is determined by a threshold which is set by CA-4.  At this stage threshold = 25, so that the CA  do not deliver resources to each other. The proliferon is isolated.

The formula summarizes the loop configuration.

In order for the loop to become active CA-4 has to lower the threshold. As threshold declines the proliferon loses its resources.

The graph depicts the overall tolerance. Above threshold >15 there exists a tolerance gradient from CA-4 to CA-2. Below this value the gradient is in the opposite direction.

Last two schemes depicts two previous experiments. Click on the image to see the experiment.

The hidden dimension of the proliferon

The scheme depicts resource (tolerance) exchange between the processes which is hidden from the observer.  It cannot be measured, neither estimated. Only the structure may hint what the  proliferon tolerance exchange rates are.  We may observe the tolerance of the sentinel process. If it rises, proliferon gets better and vice versa. Yet even if its structure does not change, the rates may vary without our being aware of them.

The hidden dimension of medicine

The scheme illustrates also the hidden dimension of medicine. Tolerance exchange rates remain forever concealed from us. We observe structure, diagnose it and treat it. Yet some times treatment fails since it ignores tolerance. Like in cancer.  Take for instance cancer prognosis which is assumed to be correlated with tumor size. Nevertheless a patient with a large tumor may outlive another one with a small tumor. Prognosis depends on structure as well as on tolerance. It is the latter which sustains the life of a patient regardless of  tumor size (structure).  Which  causes great frustration to oncologists.


This hidden dimension is optimally controlled by WOB. It simply knows better than us. When failing to control processes it asks the mind (us) for help. Within the framework of “A New Kind of Medicine” WOB is regarded as a non linear black box with inputs and outputs. The task of medicine is to interpret its signals and to assist it in finding more optimal (healthier) solutions. Treatment has to be in accord with WOB demands.