Tolerance accumulation-1

The present experiment starts with an isolated proliferon.  CA numbering has been modified. CA-0 is the stem process. Transitional CA start  with CA-1 (sentinel). The experiment starts with an injury to CA-1 triggered by CA-0. CA-2 and CA-3 do not deliver resources only CA-1 delivers to CA-2. The present experiments illustrates how injury can lead to a accumulation of resources (tolerance).

Following injury CA-1 starts growing rapidly. This state poses a threat to the proliferon. In previous experiments CA-0 protected the proliferon by replacing a  CA-1 state with CA-0 .  The present experiment illustrates a different solution, rising resource delivery from CA-1 to CA-2. f[k, size[1]] multiplies the number of daily deliveries from CA-1 to CA-2. The amount of daily delivery is proportional to the constant k.

At k = 0, CA-1 grows and the other two CA remain isolated.

As k increases, CA-1 becomes smaller and smaller, while CA-2 tolerance rises.

Initially the total proliferon tolerance declines to a minimum whereupon it starts rising without a  bound. CA-2 and CA-3 remain isolated.

Resource accumulation

The isolated CA accumulates resources at a maximal rate. In the present experiment CA-0 induced injury triggers  CA-1 to pumps additional resources into CA-2 and its tolerance rises even faster.