Tolerance acceleration-1

We continue searching for healthy CA  which accelerate their tolerance and remain alive. Some rules accelerate faster than the current rule=#600. The next function changes the CA-1[rule] whenever CA-0 is at state=33.   Change rule: [state[j,i+1],  rule=42, state[0, 33]]. CA-1 accelerates from 0.044 to 0.105, and then settles at its final and constant velocity.

CA-2 was accelerated with a different rule: Change rule: [state[j,i+1],  rule=66, state[0, 33]]. It accelerated from 0.044 to 0.069, and then settles at its final constant velocity. It appears as if the CA has split into two separate units. Actually both structures belong to one symmetric CA-2 with a central oscillating vacuole, which applies also to CA-1 whose vacuole is larger.