Unhealthy giants

We explore ways to curb or tame mutual stimulation which is triggered when CA-0 is at state = 1. The proliferon was controlled by the following functions:
delivery activation: [state[1, set point = p[1] - 0.1, state[0,1]];
delivery: [2, 1, While[p[1] > 24], 2];
delivery: [1, 2, While[p[2] > 10], 2];
augment state: [state[2, i+1] += state[1, i], While[p[1] > 10 - p[1] - 0.1]
augment state: [state[1, i+1] += state[2, i], While[p[2] > p[1] 0.1]

Instead of stimulating each other CA-1 and CA-2 deplete their resources and their health declines. After transient they oscillate irregularly within a narrow boundary which they never leave. They and the entire proliferon occupy a strange attractor.

Other CA-couples settle a new solution.

Some may later on stimulate each other.

delivery activation: [state[j , set point = p[j] - 0.1, state[0, k]]
First argument: the CA which is activated
Second argument: set point definition
Third argument: the state k of CA-0 which activates delivery.
p[j]: daily production.

delivery: [j, j-1, While[p[j-1] > set point], 2]
First argument: CA receiving the delivery.
Second argument: Delivering CA.
Third argument: Delivery condition.
Fourth argument: Delivery amount.
p[j]: daily production.

augment state: [state[j, i+1] += state[j-1, i], While[p[j-1] > p[ j ]]]
First argument: state augmentation.
Second argument: Delivery condition.
p[j]: daily production.