Process fission-1

The solution set of CA-[rule = 600]  is small, and its function repertoire meager. In order to enrich it  with new functions its context has to be broadened. Here we explore rule #1329 and its relationship with rule #600.

The two CA are somewhat similar.  38 CA-1 states  may serve as initial states for both rules. Under rule 600 they  cycle with a period 46, and under rule 1329 they cycle with a period  78. In a previous experiment process fission was induced by age injury, We now induce CA fission by rule switching leaving age intact. Now cells live indefinitely.

We start with CA-1. At t = 28 the rule is switched to 1329. At t = 70 it is switched back to rule 600 and so on. Finally two  CA-1 emerge. Most of their states when driven by rule 1329 will generate a CA-2.

restoreparams; If[j == 28, rul[[2]] = setrule[1329, 3, 1]];

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