Citric acid cycle

The citric acid cycle is an energy producing biochemical mechanism.  In reality it is not a cycle but a vortex, which will now be illustrated. In order to simplify the following arguments only one  cycle phase will be discussed, the Isocitrate -> a-Ketoglutarate transition, which involves three processes:

1..Isocitrate, a-Ketoglutarate transition.
3. Isocitrate dehydrogenase.

A nice illustration of the citric acid cycle is at:

We start with a zygote, which divides symmetrically twice. The three zygotes grow into three different stem processes (proliferons). Each will create a specialized transient process, which will participate in the present transition.

At state = 1, the first stem process creates a bud which is a glucose molecule. It evolves into a transient process whose states represent different molecules made of four or five carbon atoms. This is the backbone of the citric acid vortex. In the second proliferon, only the transient process is depicted, and the stem process was omitted. The transient process evolves into NADH. When the  third stem process reaches state-x (gene-x), it creates a bud that will evolve into a dehydrogenase. The  processes operate in different dimensions of a multidimensional space called here Wisdom of the Body (WOB). They meet physically at time = now. The vertical line marks the three synchronous transitions {{i ,j}, {k ,l},{r, s}}. At time = now +1 proliferon-3 will return to its original dimension, or will be catabolized, while another enzyme or factor (proliferon-4) will join proliferon-1 to accomplish the next transition in the citric acid vortex. When transient process-1 reaches its end state, it dies, whereupon the stem process-1 creates a new glucose bud, and the cycle starts again.

If you were amazed  at the complexity of the Mandelbrot set, you will appreciate the extreme complexity of this vortex. It defies fractal  geometry, and may not be untangled with Julia set mappings. Despite this, our WOB succeeds controlling this apparent mess, keeping us alive. Fortunately WOB has a language which allows the physician to understand some of its ways, and influence unconscious processes, which is the main message of this site.

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