Phase shift

The present proliferon consists of five processes (CA), One stem and four transitory. The set points (s.p.) of the transitory CA are 20. Whenever their daily production exceeded 20, they shipped their  entire daily product according the scheme below. CA-2 to CA3, CA-3 to CA-4 and the latter discharged it into the immediate environment. (compare with the previous experiment. CA-1 is not depicted.

The phase shift occurred during the transient phase. The mechanism of this shift is depicted below. Initially all three had the same amount of resources. Since CA-2 shipped its daily production  to  CA-3, it  remained with less resources. The resources shipped to CA-3 prolonged its transient and it attained its solution somewhat later than CA-2. The same happened also to CA-4. Somewhat later CA-3 and CA-4  maintained the same resource profile.

nca=4; restoreparams[k,1,1 {k,1, 4};  If[sa[[2]] >=20 ,donate[3, 2]]; If[sa[[3]] >=20 ; donate[4, 3]];  If[sa[[4]] >=20 ,donate[4, 4]]; putinstep1; If[nowdat[[no,8]] <= 2, newzygote[no]];

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