The hierarchical arrangement of our organism into attractors is entirely arbitrary  

Attractors do not exit as such in our organism. You may detect in the organism many so called attractors, like EEG, blood glucose, hormone levels red blood cell count etc. However neither is independent from the other. They all interact, which means that each determines the attractor state of all the  others. There does not exist an attractor  hierarchy from lower attractors upwards.   

At best the attractor concept is a metaphor which assists us to grasp the complexity of the organism. You may regard the organism  as a self organizing complexity. This capability to organize itself I attribute to a wisdom which I call  Wisdom of the Body (WOB).  It is a metaphor which highlights the fact that one wisdom controls all the putative sub-attractors. It is inborn and evolves from birth to death.  At any instant it selects the most optimal attractor for our existence. 

Medicine still operates under the spell of attractor hierarchies which it inherited from the exact sciences. Take for instance diabetes mellitus which according to medicine is a disease of the glucose attractor, while in reality it is a disease of the entire organism. The preoccupation of medicine  with the glucose attractor harms patients and  is discussed in depth in my site:

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