Change is the fundamental attribute of nature. Life is a process which interprets change. In order to do so life has to sense change and remember the previous change. Sensing change  triggers movement, either toward change or away from it.  The three attributes, sensing , memory and movement,  distinguish life from non life (but do not define life). While in the physical world, movement has to have a cause, movement of a life form is triggered. It is triggered by change.

The decision whether to move toward a change, or away from it, is handled by an entity, which controls  the change in the living being, called here Wisdom of the Body (WOB). Every life form is bounded (covered with a membrane)  and distinguishes between its personal change (self)  and the change which it faces.  Unlike inorganic matter, life’s  wisdom (WOB) is inherited.

Evolution is an ongoing improvement of WOB to handle change. (Survival of the fittest WOB).
At a certain stage of evolution, life entities acquired a mind, which assists WOB to interpret change.

The human mind broadened its change interpretation capabilities  by creating religion, science and philosophy.  While the three disciplines claim to understand reality, they are no more than means to interpret change.  

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