Chaos and creativity

Although creativity is linked with complexity. Not every complexity may be regarded as creative. Take for instance the evolution of the logistic equation and its progression to chaos. Some chaotic regions reveal structure, while other resemble noise.

Wolfram’s book depicts  evolving  chaotic CA which might be regarded as creative, yet their structures appear and vanish.  Creativity involves more than a turnover of unexpected structures. In order to be relevant these creations ought to persist  for a while. When this happens  creativity becomes an innovation.  

The growing embryo displays both kinds of creativity.  Areas of intense cell turnover and fleeting structures  are embedded  in  regions of innovation where  the limbs are formed.

I  developed a CA system in which rapid turnover and innovation occur side by side.  As the CA evolves its cells (bits) continually change. Despite being chaotic it ultimately settles down and maintains its appearance, whereupon it   becomes a bounded chaos, which is also  innovative.

A river illustrates the notion  of  bounded chaos. Its water changes chaotically, while its banks are relatively stable.

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