The complexity of a living cell is ordered

It appears as if the cell, and particularly its cytoplasm,is disordered. In reality it is a structured object with an origin and periphery. Its origin is the genome. Each gene is the starting point of a protein assembly line. First, its code is translated into a simple protein (peptide) which advances along the assembly line, and matures (differentiates) as it goes. When its time has come the protein molecule disintegrates. An illustration of such an assembly lines v. Streaming Proteins.

These assembly lines are processes, which originate in the genome and end in the cellís periphery. Those unfamiliar with this ordered intricacy regard the cell as chaotic. Some claim that life can exist only on the borderline of chaos. In reality life is not at all chaotic. Neither is it sensitive to its initial conditions. Simply because the living cell does not start from an initial state. It inherits its ordered complexity from its ancestors

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