EEG and Chaos
The organism is a strange attractor in a multi-dimensional chaotic space

The electric activity (EEG) of the brain may be viewed as a chaotic attractor since its oscillations occupy a relatively narrow frequency domain. Its behavior however depends not only on  neurons and glia but also on the entire body. When I raise my hand my EEG shifts to a  new attractor. Experiments with biofeedback show that one can learn how to shift ones EEG at will from attractor to attractor.

However there is more to it. Despite the ongoing turnover in the body it maintains its appearance. In other words our appearance is a strange attractor in a multidimensional chaotic space.

v. The streaming Organism:

CA provide a new tool to investigate chaotic attractors like those observed in the organism.  I developed such a system. It is chaotic and when perturbed  t proceeds from one chaotic attractor to another.

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