“She sat at a table and sipped slowly her coffee when  she felt his eyes caressing her back. She turned around. Her eyes widened, her heart jumped into her throat and she blushed. ”

Emotions  are inborn and stored in the action memory. Her  sensation of his eyes was interpreted by the orientation memory. The interpretation  triggered the initial state of the emotion process in the action memory.   Emotions are stored all over the body. Take blushing, which is  handled by blood vessels in  the face.  Or the heart which starts  pumping  faster. They have no representations in the brain and do not belong to it.  Emotions  are embodied.

“Motion” is the root of the word “emotion”.   Motion stands for  a change in behavior, or instinctive action originating in action memory. Emotions control the behavior of animals during courtship, which is practiced also by insects. The dance of a bee in front of the beehive is an act of emotion. Swarm intelligence is the collective intelligence of emotions. 

She was an actress studying the role of Nora in Ibsen’s play.  To prepare herself she studied emotions of lonely and desperate women,  watched their behavior and tried to act it out. She had experienced a similar challenge   before when studying piano playing.  Initially she had to memorize where the  keys were, storing this information in her orientation memory. Finally when her  action memory took over the playing     she became a successful pianist.  She new that in order to convince the audience, Nora has to be enacted by her action memory.

Years went by. One day, sitting with her family she suddenly remembered him, his eyes caressing her back and she blushed. What did she remember?   She obviously remembered the cafeteria and him sitting behind her. Yet the image left out much of the detail. When she was urged to add more detail:” Tell us more granny!” She unconsciously supplemented it with information gathered in the neighborhood cafeteria. Memory of him   triggered a process in her action memory which made her blush. Yet this process was not part of the recollection. It was there from the time of her birth and    triggered whenever she remembered him.

These examples illustrate how we handle information. Memories are not images which are shipped as such  between brain  regions. What is shipped are  representations handled in parallel.  Abstract concepts like memory and emotions may now be simulated  with cellular automata.

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