Evolution of Intelligent Design

1. And the Lord observed matter.
2. Then He found it better
3. to give it a kick

4. and it started to tick,

5. Out of this mess

6. grew a process.
7. Then it split in two
8. and divided anew.

9. They started to combine.
10. Interact, intertwine,
11. and the Lord found it fine.

12. The thing in itself
13. aware of herself.
14. Started to feel,
15. and a soul to reveal.
16. Astonished to find,

17. the beauty of her mind.

18. I think therefore

19. I am, and more

20. Myself I adore!

G. Zajicek

1. Matter is eternal (Aristotle)
2. Creation started with the initiation of movement. (Big Bang)
3. God is the self-moved being that causes all motion (Aristotle).
4. Nature sets the time.
5. Life originates in a process.
7. Renewal is the prerequisite  of life
9. Evolution of complexity involves interaction.
11.God does not interfere with Nature.
12. Kant
13. Differentiation of the thing in itself.
14. Sensation is essential for survival.
15. Soul  is a property of a complex system (Aristotelian Soul)
18. Descartes
20. Post-modern vanity

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