Could you imagine a world to which Darwin’s model of evolution does not apply?

Let’s turn first to the French biologist Lamarck who claimed that traits acquired during life may be inherited. For instance Giraffes  which have to stretch their necks to reach leaves high in trees, have  offspring with slightly more elongated necks. This version of Lamarckism is naïve and refuted by any living Jew.  Ever since the time of Abraham all Jews in the history were circumcised  yet none of their offspring was ever born without a foreskin (prepuce).  Although the macro-world does not follow Lamarck’s model, in the micro-world Lamarckism is still relevant.

Neo-darwinism is based on three pillars:
1. Each living entity has a genetic memory which contains a blueprint of the organism that is manifested by its phenotype.   
2. Genetic memory  cannot be affected by any organ in the organism. It is “deaf” to the outside world, and may change only randomly (mutation).  
3. Blueprint changes affect the chances of the individual to survive. Actually the environment "selects" the best fitting individuals.

Now imagine a world in which life lacks  a genetic memory. Obviously offspring would have inherited  traits acquired during the life of its ancestors.  Such a condition  existed on earth when it was covered by the “primeval soup”. According to the Russian biologist  Aleksandr Oparin, life on earth developed through gradual chemical evolution of carbon-based molecules floating in the primeval soup. As these molecules polymerized they gradually started replicating and  their offspring inherited their acquired traits. DNA may have appeared much later (after million years)  whereupon  Darwin’s model became relevant.  (Liane Gabora, J. Theoret. Biol.  241: 443 - 450, 2006)

Does this imply that the establishment of genetic inheritance made Lamarck’s model irrelevant? Not at all. Neo-Darwinists claim that genetic memory is “deaf” to the outside world.  Which seems to me even more ridiculous than the hope that in the future  Jews will be born without a foreskin.  Since all  processes in the organism continuously interact why should they spare the blueprint?  Genetic memory is  influenced by other organs. Lamarckism is ready for its comeback.   

I favor the view  that life on earth appeared from outer space. (panspermia).

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