Metaphysics  and complexity

Let’s distinguish first between epistemology and ontology. Epistemology studies the nature of knowledge which actually means how we conceive our surroundings and which tools do we apply for this purpose, e.g. senses (physiology), or rational and irrational thought.  Epistemology has thus a sound base.

Ontology on the other hand is something totally different. It is  concerned with what our surroundings (Nature) actually are.  Without applying the tools on which epistemology is based. Like Plato’s world of ideas which are  heavenly entities which do not exist as such in nature. What we conceive are shadows of these eternal and sublime entities. 

To my mind ontology is an illusion, a product of arrogance which even today leads science astray. At best ontology ought to be a branch of religion whose view of our surroundings is clear cut. There is an infinite and timeless  deity whose nature we cannot grasp. Some kind of a Brahaman who is  manifested to us by whatever we conceive. Note the similarity with Plato’s world of ideas which are also infinite and timeless.

Actually the issue has always been how to deal with complexity. We may thus examine the two branches of philosophy in a modern way (even with NKS). Given a set of CA, we generate a multidimensional complex thing which belongs to Wolfram’s calss-4. At night we place it at the doorstep of the nearest philosopher and let him apply his wisdom to philosophically interpret  this thing.

Do you really believe that he will grasp the ontology of this object which you generated?  An object that you can always generate at will since you know the CA set, their rules and their initial condition.

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