Properties of complex systems

1. Self organization, or organization without a central organizing authority.
2. Emergence of an unforeseen behavior.
3 Their behavior cannot be explained by decomposing the system into sub-parts.
4 The system is an ongoing process.
5. The system adapts creatively to unforeseen challenges of the environment
6. In order to survive it optimizes its organization.
7. The ability of the system to perform a task is triggered by the environment.
8. Some complex systems may propagate their design.

Creativity is defined as an unexplained behavior or adaptation.
Optimization is defined as; Given a set of constraints by the environment, the system organizes itself so as to minimize their undesired effects to it.

Some examples of complex systems:
1, The Internet.
2. Eco-system.
3. Networks like electricity and highways.
4. The metabolic network of the organism collectively called here as Wisdom of the Body (WOB)

A complex system may be simple and uncomplicated like the one which I designed. It consists of two cellular automata, and displays properties 1-7 of the list.

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