The hypocrisy of Neo-darwinism

Two institutions continually search for truth, religion and philosophy including science.   One wonders what is all this fuss about the quest for truth and we are told that this yearning to know the truth is part of human nature which distinguishes it from animals and plants.

We are endowed with many inborn faculties and instincts which assist us to survive in a hostile world. None of these includes a   quest for truth drive.  We  are driven by an immense curiosity to find out how nature operates, while its truth value  is less interesting to us.  Curiosity is an attribute of life. Apparently this quest for truth is a myth or better a deception spread by the two powerful institutions. As rational beings we realize that our existence is in jeopardy.  Nature poses a threat to our existence and in order to survive and protect ourselves we have to understand its ways.

In the past we turned to religion for guidance in this dangerous world. This is when truth was born. It was  absolute and ultimate. Religion  portrayed a secure world where truth lovers are safe.  As humankind broadened its  horizons this truth seemed to contradict their findings and the scientific truth was born. The two kinds of truth have different meanings. While the opposite of religious truth is a lie, error or fallacy are the opposites of scientific truth.  Above all scientific truth was never absolute. It was always willing to reexamine itself. 

With the mounting prestige of science it appeared as if soon it will replace religion.   It all started when Darwin came up with the theory of evolution and natural selection which illustrated how nature manages without a creator. Evolution theory became the central dogma of a new religion  which was called by Houston Smith, Scientism.

Creationists  jumped on the scientist bandwagon  and declared that the book of Genesis is a scientific document. They soon realized that their theory fails to account for  the fossil record and rephrased it as the theory of intelligent design (ID). Neo-darwinists were furious. They were eager to highlight its inconsistencies  while ignoring their own, which  are indeed formidable. After all both theories explain the past and lack any predictive value.  One may favor one over the other but none may be forbidden. This is what genuine science is about, it tolerates ideas. Unfortunately neo-darwinists  abandoned this maxim. The issue is not about truth but about power.  

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