The issue here is the universality of NKS

Let’s focus on observations:

No matter how life on earth started, today the atom of life is a cell, and microbes are also cells. Viruses or DNA cannot be regarded as atoms of life since they lack a metabolic machinery and do not replicate. In order to do so they have to penetrate a cell, mobilize its metabolism and replicate.

My point is that the cell does not generate its ordered complexity from scratch. It inherits it. Nor is it possible to generate such an ordered complexity with a simple program. After all the issue here is the universality of NKS. How universal are NKS computers if they fail to generate the complexity of a living cell?

I started this thread to call the attention of my colleagues in the exact sciences, to a phenomenon which does not have a counterpart in their realm. While the complexity of matter can be generated from its elements, there is no sign or an observation indicating that nature generates the complexity of a living cell from scratch.

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