The upper limit of Moore’s law

According to Moore's Law   the number of  transistors   that can be inexpensively placed on an integrated circuit is  raising exponentially,   doubling approximately every two years.'s_law
Apparently  Moore’s exponential function approaches its limit.   Soon it will be impossible to pack more transistors into an integrated circuit.

It is striking that software did not evolve so fast.  According to Wirth’s law software is decelerating faster than hardware is accelerating and computer performance evolves much slower.'s_law  

What will happen next?  Massively parallel computers perform better, yet are also impeded by Wirth’s law. In addition the allocation of processors to program segments is extremely complicated and inefficient,  lowering computer performance.  Why not consider  what Nature has to offer?

Signals in the “brain computer” travel much slower than transistor electrons. Action potentials  travel from 10 – 100 m/s. Nevertheless the  organism controls myriad processes “computing” in parallel. What is its secret? First it is a massively parallel non-linear computer which has been called Wisdom of the Body (WOB).

In  the traditional computer processors hardly interact and interaction is linear. In the WOB computer all processes interact non-linearly. In other words, interaction changes the process structure, which obviously does not apply to processor interactions. Such an interaction is called also embodiment.

In traditional computers control is generally  from the top down, while  the control of WOB processes is from bottom up.

These two requirements can be modeled with CA. Please inspect an  elementary unit of such a WOB computer, the Proliferon, which may be regarded as its byte.