What we perceive is change (Heraclitus)

In order not to get lost let’s start (philosophically) from scratch. What we perceive is change and no more. Everything else are explanations, models or just so stories.  Our only concern is how to survive in this change.  Fortunately we inherited faculties which keep us alive,  called here Wisdom of the Body (WOB), which keeps also other  living beings alive.

Somehow we humans inherited also the faculty of reasoning (consciousness), and realized that change may cause suffering. From then and onward we invested all our mental faculties to avoid suffering, e.g., religion, and science. We apply them to understand change. By understanding I mean having a theory, belief or a story which will protect us from suffering.

So if Mr. Schwartz says "New functions arise only by tinkering. . .” it is one explanation of change to which I respond: Life (WOB) is creative!  Think of all these pessimists (Darwinists) who claim that life evolved through adaptation to random changes. Randomness does not exist as such in nature. It is a way to explain change. Take away randomness and their theory falls apart. Life is creative.

v. Randomness

This change which threatens our existence does not provide clues how life started, or how complexity evolved, and what is creativity. All these so called beautiful and esthetic theories are only explanations. So why do people cherish  them? Because science or religion means power over the other! (Michel Foucault)

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