Wisdom of the Body (WOB)

In order not to get lost in fantasy and unnecessary speculations, I restrict my arguments to simple and clear statements. 

My previous sections have shown that the living cell inherits an ordered complexity. It has an interior where protein assembly lines start, and a periphery where they end. Each gene is the starting point of a protein assembly line. The proteins advance (stream) along the assembly line and when their time has come they disintegrate.

Despite  this oriented turnover the appearance of the living cell remains invariant. It maintains a steady state (homeostasis), which indicates that for each dying protein molecule (A), a new one is formed:

                                                Dead[A] = Born[A]

In order to satisfy this equality, the gene has to know the death rate of A , and adjust its production accordingly. This knowledge is called here, Wisdom of the Body (WOB). Its nature is one of the great medical mysteries.

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