Wisdom of the Body (WOB) and cell death

Cells “don’t know when to die!” They are eliminated by other processes which I call collectively Wisdom of the Body (WOB). There are two mechanisms of cell death: Controlled (apoptosis) and arbitrary (necrosis).

The body is composed of tissue units, each made of cells. In the healthy organism cell death is controlled and for each dead cell, a new one is formed.

Dead[cell] = Born[cell]

In order to satisfy this equality, the organism has to know when a cell dies, and when to replace it with a new one. This knowledge is called in my site Wisdom of the Body (WOB). Its nature is one of the great medical mysteries.

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Microbes and other agents kill cells arbitrarily. Nevertheless WOB senses the loss and stimulates cell production. The issue is explained in depth in my site: Streaming tissues:

Here is another mystery: I can at will prolong the life of many of my cells. However I doubt whether it merits to be described in this forum, which is dedicated to discuss NKS, and not cell death. However, if the forum coordinator finds it important and creates a specialized section for this topic, e.g. The secrets of the Wisdom of the Body, I shall be pleased to explain how I improve the survival of my cells.
Otherwise you are invited to visit my site :
Cancer and Wisdom of the Body (WOB)

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