CA sense organ

In the previous experiment movement was controlled by the observer, Here the CA controls itself.

The CA is controlled by the following buttons:

Plant : Plants a zygote. 
Shorter: Makes CA shorter
Longer: Makes CA longer 
Count at injury (CAI)  is a set point above which injury is triggered.
Count at injury+: (CAI+) Raise the set point count at which the CA is injured
Count at injury-:  (CAI-) Lower the set point count at which the CA is injured.
Stop movement:  
Resume movement:

The experiment starts at CAI = 4 when the CA moves upward. Notice its repeating pattern which indicates that it maintains a solution (attractor). When it hits the upper line it moves downward until hitting the lower line whereupon it moves upward.  When the CA is hit by an unfavorable injury and dies, it plants a zygote.

Change the CAI and observe the CA response. Wait until the it is in the middle and click on ‘Stop movement’. The CA swells to its isolated configuration.  Click on ‘Resume movement’. The CA shrinks to a new solution. Let the CA approach, not too close, one of the border lines. Click on ‘Stop movement’. The CA swells, and if crossing the border it will start moving away from it. Next, click on ‘Shorter’ until the CA becomes a worm, and repeat the above experiments.  

The CA displays a somewhat non trivial behavior.  When isolated it accumulates resources and gets bigger.  During movement some resources  are used up and the CA becomes smaller, which is most pronounced at CAI-4. It senses the obstacle and turns away from it.  Behavior is embodied in its 46 states  and   is triggered by injury.