The CA are controlled by the following buttons:
Shorter: Makes CA shorter.
Longer: Makes CA longer.
Plant CA-2:  CA-2 is planted,

The experiment starts with an isolated CA-2.which gradually matures and starts cycling through its 46 states. When CA-2 attains state = 1   it plants a CA-1 zygote which moves downward until it interacts with CA-2 whose structure changes.  It moves upward to its new attractor  where both CA cycle through their states.  CA-2 does not affect CA-1. Now replant CA-2. CA-1 continues to move up or down. When CA-2 matures and attains state = 1 it replants a CA-1 zygote and so on.

The applet depicts CA behavior. Initially CA-2 is isolated and does not interact with the environment. By itself CA-2 cannot move. When it decides to change its residence it plants a CA-1 zygote which assists CA-2 in its endeavor.