Rising output

The CA is controlled by the following buttons:

Start: †CA are planted.
Hide CA-1 Hide CA-2
Out CA-1+: raise output rate
Out CA-2+:
raise output rate
Out CA-1-: reduce output rate
Out CA-2-: reduce output rate
Infection: Infect CA-1
Output rates,† Resources, Size, Illness indicator.

Previously health was defined as a complete replenishment of resources. Yet the organism may also be healthy with less resources. Here health is defined otherwise. When the system establishes a steady state (solution) it is healthy, and when perturbed it is ill.†

1. Set outCA-1 = 0 and outCA-2 = 0 (out1=0; out2=0). The system is at its best.† Click on Hide-CA-2 and then on† Infection. †Recovery is fast and illness brief.
2. Raise gradually the CA-1 output rate from 0 to 2 leaving CA-2 output rate at 0 †(out1>0; out2=0). Hide CA-2 and observe CA-1. As its output rate rises, the CA shrinks. Nevertheless it is healthy since at each rate it creates a solution (steady state). When you click on Start the system may get ill, yet will rapidly recover. At each rate click on Infection and observe how fast the system recovers. At low output rates it recovers pretty fast. At higher rates (>1) It will recover yet soon get sick again. Now illness is chronic.
3. . Set outCA-1 = 1 and outCA-2 = 1 (out1=1; out2=1).. Click on Start †and then on Infection †Since lacking resources the system needs more time to recover. Nevertheless it will become healthy (with low resources.
4. . Set outCA-1 = 2 and outCA-2 = 2 (out1=2; out2=2).. Click on Start †and then on Infection †Occasionally it will not respond and remain healthy. The system is somewhat immune to the infection and you will have to overpower it with additional clicks †whereupon its illness will become chronic. Occasionally it may recover. Generally it will attempt to rescue itself† yet remain ill.

Illness and health

You will notice that chronic illness is also a solution (attractor) yet other than health. When becoming ill the system simply creates a new solution which we regard as illness. From the systemís perspective there is no essential difference between health and illness. Illness and health are defined by the observer.† The philosopher Ludwik Fleck said: †"It is easier to cure a patient than really to know what his disease is". According to Fleck diseases are constructed by physicians for didactic reasons, and for communication.

Health and tolerance

This experiment illustrates the difference between health and tolerance. Whatever the output rate the system will establish a solution (steady state. Tolerance is a measure of the systemís resources.† With rising output, resources are drained, its tolerance to perturbation (infection) declines, and it needs more time to recover. Tolerance may thus be estimated by challenging the system.