The CA is controlled by the following buttons:

Start:  CA are planted.
Hide CA-1 Hide CA-2
Out CA-1+: raise output rate Out CA-1-: reduce output rate Out CA-2+: raise output rate Out CA-2-: reduce output rate
In   CA-1+: raise input rate     In   CA-1-: reduce input rate    In   CA-2+: raise input rate    In   CA-2-: reduce input  rate
Infection: Infect CA-1
Input rates Output rates,  Resources, Size, Illness indicator.

Proliferon is a tissue unit in our organism. A building block from which tissues are assembled.  It is also the unit of the present model which simulates processes in our body. Its first version was presented previously. The diagram depicts its present version.


Input and output rates determine the proliferon behavior. The rates are presented as quadruplets{CA1-input, CA-1-output, CA-2-input,CA-output), which will indicate how to set the rates for each experiment.

1.{1,1,0,0}. Start (which means click on Start). The proliferon settles at its maximum. Which will be called default state.  Its resources and size are maximal, and since input rates = output rates.  it maintains a steady state, called here a solution or an attractor.
2.{0,1,0,0}. Hide CA-2 . Start. At zero input the proliferon shrinks to Size=12. Which simulates a medical condition known as Hypoplasia.
3.{0,1,0,0}. Hide CA-2Start, Infection.  Infection represents an instantaneous output initiated by an external agent. Since CA-1 input=0 it cannot regenerate, and remains small. It will not respond to additional Infections since it is immune. Please note. The proliferon is healthy and maintains a steady state |(attractor or solution). Infection drove it from one attractor (solution) marked by size=12, to another, marked  by size = 4. This experiments illustrates that there are two kinds of output: 1. Intended, driven by the proliferon, and 2. Unintended, driven by the environment. Here both are controlled by the observer.
4. {0,1,0,0}. Hide CA-2 . Start. Raise CA-1-input to 0.1 .{0.1,1,0,0}. The proliferon will slowly return to its default state. (since input rate > output rate) Repeat the same with .{0.5,1,0,0} and Start. The proliferon will regenerate faster.
5. {1,1,0.5,0}. Hide CA-2. Start The proliferon will shrink to about the size=17. Such a response is observed in chronic hemolytic anemia. Click on Infection. The proliferon will shrink and then return to its previous state. Raise the input rate .{5,1,0.5,0} There is only a slight improvement.
6. {1,1,>,0}. Hide CA-2. Start,  raise gradually the CA-1 output rate. The proliferon will shrink which has two interpretations: 1. It shrinks since output > input 2. Yet by shrinking it delivers less, and therefore protects its resources.
7. {1,1,0.6,0.6}. Start,  both CA shrink.  The proliferon alternates between health and illness.  Click several times on Infection which hits only CA-1. Yet both respond.
8. {0.5,0.5,0.6,0.6}. Start. Since output rates > input rates, the proliferon will soon be chronically ill.  Yet  at times it may regain health. Now try {1,1,1,1} Start.
9. If you wish to help the proliferon, reduce output and boost input, which  is the motto of A New kind of Medicine.

This simple system displays the following properties of a complex system

1. Self organization, or organization without a central organizing authority.
2. Emergence of an unforeseen behavior.
3  Their behavior cannot be explained by decomposing the system into sub-parts.
4  The system is an ongoing process.
5. The system  adapts creatively to unforeseen challenges of the environment
6. In order to survive it optimizes its organization.
7. The ability of the system to perform a task is triggered by the environment.
8. Some complex systems may propagate their design. (not yet implemented)

Creativity is defined as  an unexplained behavior or adaptation. Optimization is defined so: Given a set of constraints by the environment, the system organizes itself so as to minimize their undesired effects to it.

Some examples of complex systems:
1, The Internet.
2. Eco-system.
3. Networks like electricity and highways.
4. The  metabolic network of the organism collectively called here as  Wisdom of the Body (WOB)

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