Relative time

The CA is controlled by the following buttons:

Start:  CA are planted.
Hide CA-1 Hide CA-2
Out CA-1+: raise output rate Out CA-1-: reduce output rate Out CA-2+: raise output rate Out CA-2-: reduce output rate
Infection: Infect CA-1
Input rates Output rates,  Resources, Size, Illness indicator.

Click on Start. Two zygotes are planted. While CA-2 proceeds from state to  state as before, CA-1 remains in each state somewhat longer. Actually its  transit time through a state is proportional to its size   The smaller the CA-1 the faster it proceeds from state to state.

Hide CA-2 and click on Start. As  CA-1 matures it stays in each state longer.  After a while click several times on  infection  until both CA part.. CA-1 gets smaller,  proceeds faster from state to state  and travels faster. Since its resources are low it needs to run into CA-2 and boost them up. When cooperating the CA accumulate resources and are healthy, and when parting they are ill.

Hide CA-2; Set Out-CA-2 = 0 ; Set Out-CA-1 = 1.5. As output rises  CA-1 gets smaller,  it proceeds faster from state to state  and travels faster. Rescue it from its illness by reducing CA-1 output rate to 0.5. Let the CA cooperate and be healthy.

Biological time

Each CA observes a different time. CA-2 stands for the chronological time whose intervals are constant. The state transit time of CA-1 depends on its size and varies. It is called biological time. . Since processes in the body are asynchronous they have to adjust their clocks for interacting.

Take a seemingly simple biochemical reaction: A + B = C. In order to produce C,  two proteins  A and B have to interact. Yet A and B are states of two processes whose origins are at the gene site from where they stream  toward the interaction site.  Both are asynchronous, and in order to interact they have to adjust their clocks, like in  the previous experiment . Each process has its own clock and time. Time in the organism is even more relative than in Relativity theory. It is bounded chaotic.

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Circadian rhythms

Since our life is controlled by the day and night cycle, it appears as if the processes are synchronized. Chrono-biologists spread the illusion as if  processes in the body are synchronized by the sun and operate like   a linear computer. In reality the sun only modulates  this asynchronicity.  

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