Swarm intelligence

The CA is controlled by the following buttons:

Start:  Two overlapping CA are planted.
Hide CA-1 Hide CA-2
Injury: Injure CA-1
Red oval: robot leader. Blue ovals: followers
Information: Output rates, Moods, System resources

In the previous experiment   Sisyphus (red oval) wandered between Eden and Hell. In the present experiment he is accompanied by  four followers (blue ovals). Watch them and later on hide the WOB engine (click on Hide CA-1  and Hide-CA-2) which reduces flicker. Now and then click on Injury or Start. Although the program is robust, the flock may get lost. If this happens click on Start and they will get together. The flock is controlled by Sisyphus. One of the guys likes to watch the flock from distance yet will always join them . I like this non-conformist.

Please note

1. WOB engine can support several objects.
2. WOB engine IS the swarm intelligence. It is  called here Wisdom of the Body (WOB)   of the flock.
3. Behavior of the flock members is highly correlated. After all the system is deterministic and evolves through the same states. Despite this the correlation coefficient of the flock might be low since only five members are involved.  Which illustrates that traditional statistics are not sensitive enough for evaluating non linear phenomena.
4. Swarm intelligence of an ant or bee society is the society WOB. Each individual is a process which communicates with other processes (ants) chemically (pheromones) or non-verbally, e.g., visually, by touching or dancing (in bees).