The CA is controlled by the following buttons:
Start:  Two overlapping CA are planted.
Hide CA-1 Hide CA-2
Injury: Injure CA-1
Red oval: Bee queen. Blue and magenta ovals: bees. Magenta-green bee sets the CA-1 rule
Output rates, System resources
The numbers next to  the bees determine the CA  output rates. When the queen enters the Beehive or the Field, the rates are summed up,  divided by 250, and become the new CA output rates.

This experiment is an extension of swarm intelligence.  Each bee carries a number which will modify the CA output rates.
Although the program is robust, the flock may settle at an attractor and stop moving. If this happens click on Injury or Start and they will continue. Although the swarm is controlled by the queen, each bee contributes to the swarm behavior by modifying CA output rates . One bee whose color changes between green and magenta controls the CA rule.  

Please note

1. The WOB engine is the swarm intelligence.  Swarm behavior   depends on the CA rules and their resources, which are controlled by the bees.
We cannot understand how  WOB intelligence operates. In other words once the WOB engine is active we cannot formulate rules that might explain to us its mode of operation.  WOB intelligence is judged solely by  swarm behavior.  Since the WOB engine shuttles the swarm from Beehive to Field and back we conclude that it knows  how to do it. On the other hand only  the swarm determines when it is done, and when its behavior  changes.  The entire swarm and not individual bees.

2. As the swarm flies between Beehive and Field, individual trajectories vary. In other words   neither the bees nor the WOB engine remember the entire trajectory.  

3. The swarm controls solely CA output rates. The numbers displayed next to the bees are rates. These are the only   messages, between themselves and between the swarm and the WOB engine. They “speak rates”.  Their behavior may be modified solely by modifying their rates. In other words the programming language of the system are sets of rates. You program solely the bees and not the WOB engine.

4. By itself the WOB engine cannot act on the environment, and   needs  an interface, the swarm,    which makes   interaction possible. The swarm interface communicates two kinds of messages: 1.Outgoing messages manifested by the swarm behavior, and 2. Incoming messages like modifying a bee in real time (currently not implemented).  Such a relationship operates also in our body.  The newborn is equipped solely with a WOB. As it grows, it creates an interface, the mind, with which it interacts with the environment.

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