Diabetes mellitus

For this illustration we shall reduce diabetes to a sugar stream. Ingested sugar enters blood stream. Then it is either drained into the liver where it is metabolized, or the urine. In this example ingested sugar is the upper stream, metabolized, and urine sugar, are lower stream, and blood sugar level, is tolerance. Treatment objective would be to lower sugar tolerance to a certain level. Upper stream input is lowered by keeping a sugar free diet. Increased lower stream drainage may be achieved in two ways.

1. Exercise , when muscles drain energy (in form of sugar) from the liver.

2. Increased sugar elimination by the kidney, which is done by WOB and is known as polyuria.

Insulin manipulates both streams. It reduces inflow, and increases outflow. WOB is not particularly fond of insulin treatment. It gradually develops resistance to it, refusing to cooperate. Today insulin is administered against WOB principles, and the organism becomes resistant to it. For the same reason that it became resistant to chemotherapy.