With age memory is failing. While faces are remembered, names are forgotten. Yet they may be remembered again since memory is a process. Its upper stream memorizes, lower stream, forgets (removes), and memory content is tolerance that declines with age, since lower stream forgets (removes) more and more. When forgetting a name, don't rush to ask what it was. Imagine the face whose name you forgot, and WOB will conjure up the name for you. Since imagination is a way to communicate with it, when you imagine the face, it's like asking WOB to find out who he was. Usually it takes about three days until the name finally pops up. Now you have to memorize it as if it were a foreign name, and so strengthen the upper river. During coming days you will have to memorize the name again and again.

If the name does not pop up within a week or two, you have to learn it from scratch. Go ask what it was, and start drilling. Do not ignore a name that you forgot, since it indicates that a section of your memory is in limbo and it may be rescued only by remembering the name.


Alzheimer's disease

Medicine blames Alzheimer, on a gene, or protein, that cause irreversible damage to the brain. What's use of a gene that cannot be harnessed for treatment ? Medicine is helpless. Yet Alzheimer is a stream. Upper stream is sensation. Lower stream, is mental deterioration, and personality is tolerance. With the first signs of deterioration, upper stream ought to be strengthened. Provide the patient with sensations. Let him watch TV, and listen to radio. Let him smell flowers, and food. Touch him, scratch him and scrub him. He may not be aware of it but his WOB is there as usual, and your upper stream boosting increases its tolerance.