Med Hypotheses. 1983 Dec;12(4):369-76.

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On the improving chances of the cancer patient.

Zajicek G.

The cancer hazard rate (or force of mortality) of all cancer survival curves of the 4th Report on End Results in Cancer, continuously declines. This pattern recurs also in breast cancer patients refusing treatment. The declining hazard rate is most conspicuous in Cancer and much less pronounced in other chronic diseases. In most of them the hazard rate actually increases. Such is obvious in any actuarial life table, in which the rising pattern represents aging and will therefore be denominated herewith as Aging pattern. It accompanies also many chronic diseases e.g. diabetes, following operation for peptic ulcer, young survivors from coronary occlusion, or cirrhosis. The cancer hazard rate exhibits a trend observable during regeneration and is viewed here to reflect a regenerative process operating in cancer which is ascribed to Neoplasia.

PMID: 6669094 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]