Robot character

The CA is controlled by the following buttons:

Start:  Two overlapping CA are planted.
Hide CA-1 Hide CA-2
Out CA-1+: raise output rate Out CA-1-: reduce output rate. In CA-1+: raise input rate In CA-1-: reduce input  rate
Out CA-2+: raise output rate Out CA-2-: reduce output rate. In CA-2+: raise input rate. In CA-2-: reduce input rate
Injury: Injure CA-1
Red oval: Robot
Information: Output rates, Moods, System resources

The previous experiment introduced an optimistic robot (red square) who always succeeds to reach Eden. It is suggested that you  start with the experiment on tolerance. The present experiment describes the behavior of a robot pessimist.  When the experiment starts two overlapping zygotes are planted (click on Hide CA-2). To their left is a red oval which is a robot whose  behavior (movement) is controlled by its mood. While in previous experiments the CA were controlled by rule=600, now  rule is 3 controls them.

Initially the  robot is sad,    moves   to the region of Sorrow and settles there. You can rescue it by raising Out CA-2 to 0.1 whereupon it  will move toward Eden.  You may now manipulate  only  the output rates in the same way as in the previous experiment.

Raise Out CA-2 to 0.5, and click on injury.  The robot will move toward Hell and stay there.  Now zero outputs.  The robot will stay in Hell and gain itself some pleasure. Unlike the previous robot  this one is a pessimist. It is in  a state of a  severe depression and needs your help. Raise gradually the input rates, and soon the robot   will enter Sorrow. Then raise Out-CA-2 = 0.1. Note that even in Eden it is somewhat hectic.

Now imagine that all robots are equipped with the same WOB engine. Their behavior (character) will depend on the CA rule which they activate.