The CA is controlled by the following buttons:

Start:  Two overlapping CA are planted.
Hide CA-1 Hide CA-2
Injury: Injure CA-1
Red oval: Robot

Information: Output rates, Moods, System resources

Previous experiments introduced an optimistic robot (rule = 600) who always succeeds  reaching  Eden and a pessimist (rule =3) who lacks resources to leave  Hell. However you could help him by raising input rates.  In the present experiment the robot acts by himself and manipulates his output rates. When his resources are exhausted he reaches  Hell.   He then saves himself by activating    rule = 600 (which is a robot prayer). In Eden he restores rule = 3 (which is utterly irrational since this will drive him to Hell). Please note that in order to reach Eden the robot has to feel pleasure and be happy. When  distressed and sad he approaches Hell. If you feel like it you may injure him now and then or click on Start


Sisyphus actually knows how to proceed from Eden to Hell and vice versa. However he does not remember the route. He remembers only how to set input and output rates. This recollection is triggered in Eden or Hell. His embodied memory does not store information, rather it stores activations (triggers) of actions. Initially the two CA cycle through their n states,which are their default memory, determined by a particular rule. The setting of input and output rates modifies CA structure and carves out the route (behavior) of the robot.

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