Radio control


The CA is controlled by the following buttons:

Start:  Two overlapping CA are planted.
Hide CA-1 Hide CA-2
Injury: Injure CA-1
Your bee contact:  Sits in the Mountain when the experiment starts. When its color switches from Magenta to Green it changes  the CA-1 rule from 600 to 3, and vice versa.
Bee out + Bee out – Raises,  respectively lowers the rate contribution of your bee contact.
Red oval: Bee queen. Blue and magenta ovals: bees.

Output rates, System resources, Bee out is the rate determined by your bee contact.
The numbers next to  the bees determine the CA  output rates. When the queen enters the Beehive or the Field, the rates are summed up,  divided by 250, and become the new CA output rates.

This experiment is an extension of swarm intelligence .   Each bee carries a number which will modify the CA output rates. Although the program is robust, the flock may settle at an attractor and stop moving. If this happens click on Start and they will continue. Although the swarm is controlled by the queen, each bee contributes to the swarm behavior by modifying CA output rates. The color of our contact bee changes between green and magenta and it controls the CA rule.  Your mission is to control the swarm by interacting with your contact bee.

When the swarm heads toward the Beehive lower Bee out to -3, and the swarm will stay in the Beehive. When it
heads toward the Field raise Bee out to 4 and they will stay there. When Bee out = 1  the bees tend to stay in the wood. After a while one bee will zero Out CA-1 and the swarm will head toward the Beehive.

Now imagine that you communicate with your contact bee by   radio and  your signal sets the rate of your contact bee..  If the rate is < -3 the bees stay in the Beehive and if > 2 they stay in the Field.

Please note

1. The WOB engine is the swarm intelligence.  Swarm behavior  depends on the CA rules and their resources, which are controlled by the bees.
2. Although the bees appear as if moving erratically, no random number generator is implemented.
3. The swarm controls solely CA output rates. The numbers displayed next to the bees are rates. These are the only   messages, between themselves and the queen which  controls the WOB engine. They “speak rates”, and  your contact bee understands only rates.  



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