The last experiments illustrated a proliferon which always seeks steady state (attractor), called here a solution. When perturbed it proceeds from solution to solution. While perturbation threatens its existence, a solution sustains it. We investigated two kinds of perturbation: Excessive demand and injury. Both drove the proliferon to new solutions. This capacity to attain a solution is called Wisdom of the Body. 

In the last three experiments the proliferon was injured applying different ways to repair itself. Each repair ended up with a different solution ( v. Repair , Repair-1, Repair-2 ). Which one might be the best? The following figure depicts fiveproliferon states: 0. Initial state, 1. Injury, 2-4. Repair.Three parameters were measured in each state: 1. Mean daily cell production, 2. Mean resources / day. 3. Mean daily resource accumulation.The normalized sum of the three parameters is on the right.


In order to best sustain its existence the proliferon ought to maximize all three parameters, which is impossible since the CA continually interact. Since repair involvesresource exchange between CA, the two last parameters seem more vital than the first. With more resources the proliferon can handle more dangerous perturbations.This capacity to withstand a threat is called here tolerance. The more resources a proliferon has the higher its tolerance.

Health and tolerance

From the perspective of A New Kind of Medicine, health is equivalent to a solution, and tolerance is a measure of health. The higher a tolerance the healthier a person is. It is striking that injury drives the proliferon to a healthier state from which it might proceed to Repair-3 or better to Repair-1, which is the healthiest


Each solution cannot be foreseen and is therefore creative. Creativity is driven by an external stimulus which perturbsthe proliferon. Without it the proliferon would remain in state 0. Thus,evolution is an ongoing creative process proceeding from solution to solution, driven by the environment, .

The context of tolerance

Repair-3 is a solution with a low tolerance. Suppose now that CA-2 and CA-3 were†small (s. p. >=10 ),the proliferon would fail to mobilize enough resources to restructure CA-2. In other words it would not be able to attain the solution marked by Repair-1 and Repair-2. In such circumstances Repair-3 would become the healthiest solution.

The proliferon illustrates the basic tenets of A New kind of Medicine:

1. The organism maintainshomeorhesis (solution).
2. At each instant it creates the most optimal solution.
3. The capacity of the organism to attain the best solution is called the Wisdom of the Body (WOB).
4. Disease is the best solution in circumstances.
5. The outcome of a disease depends on the organismís tolerance.