Asynchronous CA

The CA is controlled by the following buttons:

 CA are planted.
Hide CA-1 Hide CA-2
Out CA-1+: raise output rate Out CA-1-: reduce output rate Out CA-2+: raise output rate Out CA-2-: reduce output rate
Infection: Infect CA-1
Input rates Output rates,  Resources, Size, Illness indicator.

Click on Start. Two zygotes are planted. While CA-2 matures, CA-1 remains as a zygote and starts maturing only when meeting  CA-2.   By itself CA-1 freezes in a given state from which it is rescued only by  CA-2.
Set Out-CA-2 = 1.0 and click on Start. After a while click several times on  infection  until both CA part and CA-1 freezes. When both meet it will  proceed through its cycle.
Hide CA-2. Now and then CA-1 will freeze indicating that it lost contact with CA-2 and waiting until contact is reestablished.
Click  on infection, and so on. If the two part too far from each other, click on Start.
Set Out-CA-2 = 0.5
; Set Out-CA-1 = 0.0-> Start -> infection ->  Observe.
Set Out-CA-2 = 0.5 ; Set Out-CA-1 = 0.5-> Start -> infection ->  Observe

Please note the following:
- The system always attempts to maximize its resources.
- When isolated  CA-1 stops cycling. CA-2 triggers CA-1 to continue cycling. CA-2 does not cause CA-1 to cycle, it triggers it.
- CA-1 alternates between a resting and an active state. This change is a-periodic, or bounded chaotic
- When CA-2 is hidden you can deduce from the CA-1 response when both CA meet.
- In previous experiments both CA evolved synchronously, Here they are somewhat asynchronous.