The CA is controlled by the following buttons:

Start:  CA are planted.
Hide CA-1 Hide CA-2
Out CA-1+: raise output rate Out CA-1-: reduce output rate Out CA-2+: raise output rate Out CA-2-: reduce output rate
Infection: Infect CA-1
Input rates Output rates,  Resources, Size, Illness indicator.

Click on Start. Two zygotes are planted and their growth is synchronized. As long as synchronized both CA grow and proliferate, yet when desynchronized, CA-1 will stop advancing to the next state  (=stop its clock) until regaining synchronization. In order to desynchronize the CA   click on Infection  and if necessary Hide CA-2. CA-1 freezes its clock (stops advancing to the next state)  and waits until its state matches that of CA-2.  Synchronization requires that both states will be followed by the same states. When cycling through its 46  states CA-1 may encounter one state several times. In order that this state be suitable for synchronization, the subsequent states in both CA have to be the same. CA-1 will thus cycle and freeze  until such a state is found.

When CA-1 is small and immature  it will not attempt to synchronize, only when maturing it will search for a matching state.

Set Out-CA-2 = 0.1. -> Infection  The two CA will not be synchronized. Set Out-CA-1 = 0.1. After a while they might synchronize. If CA-1 gets too big click on Infection. The same will happen as long as the output rates are equal and smaller that 0.5.

Set Out-CA-2 = 1.5. Out-CA-1 = 0.0.  -> Start .After a while CA-1 freezes for ever. It may be rescued for a while  by clicking once or twice on Infection.

Set Out-CA-2 = 1.5. Out-CA-1 = 1.5.  -> Start . Both CA advance up and down and  since being immature they will not attempt to synchronize.

Synchronization requires the following conditions:

1. Both CA are mature.
2. Both cooperate.
3. Have enough resources.
4. Output rates = 0.

When these conditions are met the system will maximize its resources (like in previous experiments) and synchronize its CA.