Parallel non linear computation

A zygote is planted and  evolves into a stem process. During each iteration, all  CA  cells are updated in parallel. Each iteration is a parallel non-linear computation. Initially CA traverses a non-stationary phase which ends at t = 16 whereupon it starts oscillating . This phase is called a solution of the system. Since CA is isolated, it does not attain any other solution. A CA is specified by the following formula: f[state[j, i], rule[#], age]. Its solution may be defined as f[state[j, i], rule[#], age] = k, where k is the center of mass around which CA oscillates.

Law of mass action

We now  return to the Isocitrate, a-Ketoglutarate transition of the previous experiment.  We might study it in vitro. We add all the ingredients:  Isocitrate, NAD, and pro-dehydrogenase into a beaker  and observe the transition. The transition will not be complete, and the two molecules will settle at an equilibrium.

This transition may be expressed also  in form of  a general chemical reaction equation in which reactants A and B react to give product C and D.
a A + b B --> c C + d D
where a, b, c, d are the coefficients for a balanced chemical equation.  The mass action law states that if the system is at equilibrium then the following ratio is a constant.

[C]c [D]d
------------- = K
[A]a [B]b

Ultimately,  Isocitrate,  and  a-Ketoglutarate will settle at this constant, which is the solution of this isolated system.


A similar ratio between the two molecules will be maintained also in the citric acid vortex. It  may differ from the above, yet   k will remain  constant. We are sill dealing with an equilibrium yet it differs from that of the isolated reaction. Since all constituents stream, this equilibrium is called homeorhesis.

In the narrow isolated context (in vitro), k depends only on the reactants,  which  will determine when and how the system will reach an equilibrium. In the wider context,  k depends on  all processes involved in the entire vortex.  In the narrow context k is a solution of the system. In the wider context k is only one computation in a vortex, since a solution involves many computations

Yet even this solution is incomplete since many other processes in the body contribute to the citric acid vortex. This process set is called here WOB. The entire WOB determines the outcome of the Isocitrate, a-Ketoglutarate transition. The vortex is a projection of the WOB solution on a lower dimension. Actually all events in the organism are systemic even if appearing as localized. When I raise my hand the entire WOB settles at a solution involved in raising my hand.

Artificial Life (AL)

None of the  current AL  tools can simulate even a simplified citric acid vortex. Not even  a DNA computer can do it.  CA is the best available tool for this purpose.  By now we know how to program proliferon solutions. Our next objective is to search for optimal solutions, or  let a multi-proliferon system to find its optimal solution.

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